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I was looking for a guide to build my beginner MUA kit, and that is exactly what I got, thank you and I look forward to shopping again!

Layla R.

I love my sis products ! They never let me down and I use the dip brow pomade more than ABH and for sure it’s waterproof. I’m patiently waiting for some brown pencils *hint hint*. All jokes aside I love her setting powder also. It doesn’t break apart or make my clients patchy. Support her period !!! You won’t regret it.

Raven Alexis

Best long lasting Matte lipstick I have ever had ! I love it better than Sephora matte lipsticks


I was looking for some nice full eyelashes that would compliment my natural full, crazy eyelashes. What I got was 5 pairs of long lasting, full, beautiful, and unique lashes. The lashes last a very long time, and is last very good with reuse. Had my pack since August and I still have one more pair that I Haven’t used. Very amazing product. BTaylor NEVER disappoints!!


I loveeeeeeeee btaylor beauty products literally the only lashes and now brow pomade I’ll buy. The lashes have every mood in one pack, a simple natural look to a dramatic break ya neck look. The brow pomade goes on so smooth but lasts forever with a natural look. The case, the lipglosses, everything is ahhh-mazing can’t wait for them foundations and concealers to drop cause ya girl gon be right there!

Jazmine S.

That pomade be giving my eyebrows lifeeee. My face don’t break out from it and my eyebrows lasts all day, even when am out in the hot ass sun at work. Plus It’s smooth like butter. I’ll be ordering some more things 💛


Ordered two powders, brow pomade & two lipgloss. WHEW i definitely was satisfied w. my order. I been supporting my sis since back in the 2015 days & she has not let me down yet. I love the brow pomade. all i gotta say ab the powder is what flashback sis !! the lipgloss UGH, love it. SHE DID NOT DISAPPOINT.

Liana Jade 

A TON of product for the price! I love the highlighter and the gloss is smooth and not too sticky. Fast shipping ❤️❤️ I will be purchasing again!

Shamya M. 

Her makeup products are amazing, I love the glosses, eyelashes, & her dip brow is the BEST, I use it over the big name dip brows & it works amazingly! She will continue to get my money, wish you nothing but success love!

Savante T.

I loved the lash pack and the fact that it has different types of lashes for different looks. I always get compliments on them as well.

Paige B.

I was looking for an assortment of lashes of something of that nature. My sister told me about B.Taylor Beauty and the lash pack. Every lash that came in the pack was cute and matched whatever eye look I was going for that day. You get 5 in the pack and they’re only $5 on Friday’s, not to mention reusable! Definitely ordering more!

Bria P.

LOVE! LOVE! LOVE!!!! <3 I already knew before my package arrived that all the products were going to be amazing! The brow pomade is pigmented, easy to work with, and lasts all day. The lash pack literally has all you need for a simple everyday look or full on glam. The setting powder OMG perfect shade and provides a nice amount of coverage. My lips are now PAWPIN with this lip gloss. Nice shine and not sticky at all. Paitiently watunf for the complexion products to drop Black Friday!!

Zarah H.

Love love $5 Friday! Even without, it is still affordable and worth every dollar! She use all her stuff on the website! It’s for African American women! Foundation COVER IT ALL MATCH YOUR SKIN BEAUTIFULLY Remember DONT SLEEP IN YOUR MAKE UP!


I purchased B Taylor Beauty previously and the quality years later is still unmatched I love the lashes and will continue to keep them in my kit with the brow pomades

Alexis S.

I love love loveeeeee your lip glass and highlighter. I can’t wait to purchase more makeup from you. You’ll always have my support.

Imani B.