Mini Signature Lip Bundle

Specially curated, the Mini Signature Lip Bundle includes 5 mini signature matte and 5 mini signature gloss shades. This mini bundle is great for travel, while giving you must-have shades that you need to look your best, as well as helps you try new colors! The bundle includes both new and existing favorites across several different finishes.


In order they appear:

Candy (gloss) : True pink gloss

Kiya (gloss): Tinted red gloss

Sparkling Water (gloss): Clear gloss with fine reflective shimmers

Candid (matte): Dusty Rose matte

Too Frisky (matte): Light terrocoatta 

My Skin (gloss): Muted brown gloss

Owl (Matte): Darkend violet purple 

Flesh (gloss): Light Salmon gloss

Cocoa (matte): Cool deep brown

Sweet dream (matte): Deep blackend burgandy

Mini Signature Lip Bundle